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30 Nov 1999   Virus News

BubbleBoy Has Broken Free

The worm reported "in-the-wild" Cambridge, UK, December 1, 1999 - Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the discovery of the BubbleBoy Internet worm "in-the-wild". The worm previously existed in "zoo" virus collections of hackers groups has been detected...

30 Nov 1999   Virus News

ZippedFiles Again!

Reincarnation of a deadly worm Cambridge, UK, December 1, 1999 - Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the discovery of a new variation of infamous ZippedFiles Internet Worm, which became sadly known earlier in June. Several US companies already reported...

25 Nov 1999   Product news

AVP for MS Exchange Server

It's time for safe e-mailing Cambridge, UK, November 26, 1999 -- Kaspersky Labs Int., a fast-growing, international, anti-virus software development company, announced the release of AVP for mail servers, operating under MS Exchange Server. AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) for MS Exchange Server provides...

24 Nov 1999   Product news

First Commercial Version of AVP for Linux/FreeBSD Unix Released

The world's first Linux-based rescue disc is on the way Cambridge, UK, November 25, 1999 - Kaspersky Labs Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, announces the public release of the first commercial version of AVP for Linux/FreeBSD Unix. This package is the...

10 Nov 1999   Virus News

Win32.FunLove: Rock Fans Create Computer Viruses Too

Cambridge, UK, November 11, 1999 - Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software company, reports the discovery of a new Windows virus with a great potential for spreading across corporate networks. Win32.FunLove has been found "in-the-wild". It means that there is a real threat to all...

09 Nov 1999   Virus News

BubbleBoy: a New Generation of Internet-Based Malicious Code

The antidote is already discovered Cambridge, UK, November 10, 1999 - Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, reports the discovery of a new generation of Internet-based malicious code that constitute a real danger to all computer users and corporate networks....

01 Nov 1999   Comparative Tests

AVP received its 10th Virus Bulletin 100% award

A gift for 10th anniversary of AVP Cambridge, UK, November 1, 1999 - An authoritative British magazine for computer viruses countermeasures Virus Bulletin published the results of the following comparative tests. AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) from Kaspersky Labs Int. managed to gain its tenth VB 100%...

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