Enabling businesses to detect targeted attacks, advanced threats and already compromised systems. Based on leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning technologies, the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform combines network and endpoint monitoring, advanced sandbox technology and threat intelligence-driven analysis to correlate different events and prioritize incidents to help you reveal and recognize and uncover complex attacks.

What We Offer

Innovative detection technologies – underpinned by global intelligence – do more to protect your business.

  • Multi-layered sensor architecture

    Multi-layered sensor architecture

    Using multiple sensors to detect activities in multiple areas of your IT network to deliver the rapid detection of complex threats attacking multiple areas of your IT estate.

  • Advanced Sandbox with clustering

    Advanced Sandbox with clustering

    Our Advanced Sandbox provides an isolated, virtualized environment where suspicious objects can be safely executed – so their behavior can be observed and the resultant network malware captured.

  • Intelligent Analysis empowered by Machine Learning

    Intelligent Analysis empowered by Machine Learning

    Our Targeted Attack Analyzer assesses data from network and endpoint sensors and rapidly generates threat detection verdicts for your security team.

  • Advanced web interface

    Advanced web interface

    Advanced interface and improved incident workflow. Related events which form part of one incident are collapsed in a single aggregated event to give visibility without information overload.

  • Prevention of advanced threats

    Prevention of advanced threats

    Integration with the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway Appliance, our email & mail security solution means the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Clustered Sandbox environment can be used to detonate samples from email traffic.

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