Windows Embedded systems are becoming an ever more popular target for cybercriminals. These devices tend to operate inside the corporate network, to be geographically scattered and to handle critical data, often working with credit and debit cards. End-of-life Windows XP is still a standard for many such systems, as is low-end hardware.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is specially designed to protect these systems against attacks targeting their contents and exploiting their limitations.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security has been designed for service devices which use Windows Embedded operating systems. It recognises and respects specific hardware, has a flexible modular structure, and efficiency considerations, while simultaneously controlling and protecting the attack surfaces unique to these architectures through:

  • Default Deny for Apps, Drivers & Libraries

    Default Deny for Apps, Drivers & Libraries

    The basis of effective protection for embedded systems

  • Device Control

    Device Control

    Preventing the physical connection of unauthorized USBs and other devices – a major source of both accidental and deliberate infection

  • Antivirus On-Demand

    Antivirus On-Demand

    Proven protection from the industry’s leading antivirus engine, capable of detecting even the most advanced and aggressive attacks

  • Memory Protection

    Memory Protection

    Securing the system against exploits, ransomware and memory injection

  • File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit

    File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit

    Combines the efficiency of critical files protection and change-tracking with regulatory compliance requirements

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